Top Business Travel Safety Tips

Top Travel Safety Tips - Business Travel GadgetsWatching the news can get pretty scary sometimes and far too often, we hear about travelers that have run into some sort of difficulty. Whether it be a crime, a health scare or something more severe, a major safety incident can put an end to your business trip rather quickly.

Business Travel Gadgets is keenly aware that safety is very often overlooked by today’s business traveler. For that reason, we have prepared a list of the Top Business Travel Safety Tips for you to review. It is our sincere hope that you find these travel safety tips helpful, that you practice them and that they help to keep you healthy and happy on your next trip.

Business Travel Gadgets: Top Travel Safety Tips

Top Travel Safety Tip Number 1 – Do your Research

Travel Safety Research - Business Travel GadgetsThis tip actually relates to every aspect of your next business trip. Research can be a powerful tool and when done properly can save you a tremendous amount of headache. Of course, BTG understands that you may be familiar with your destination, perhaps you travel to this location frequently, know the area and always stay at the same hotel. In this case, research may not be necessary, but on the other hand, maybe you are not familiar with your destination.

This is where you may want to spend some time getting to know the “lay of the land” and the customs associated with your target locale. The word “customs” may not apply specifically to domestic travel, but even within the United States, things can be a bit unfamiliar to you. Traffic and toll booths are just one example that I have noticed can vary from state to state.

We don’t suggest that you will need to research the methods for toll collection at each destination, but you may want to learn a little about crime in the area, typical weather for the locale or perhaps even the amenities that you may find in the surrounding community.

One website that we have found helpful is called If you are traveling to Cincinnati, OH, for example, you can find out a lot by checking out the Cincinnati page of Areavibes:

Click Here to Check it Out! has a wealth of information regarding potential destination cities. The website uniquely grades each city with a “livability” rating and then gives the city an A through F grade for each of 7 categories. As mentioned Areavibes gives each city a “livability” rating from 1 to 100, then an A through F rating for Amenities, Cost of Living, Crime, Employment, Housing, Schools and then Weather.

Of course, we understand that you are not moving to this area, but it does help to know how the area rates in most of these categories. Certainly, the crime, amenities, and weather are important factors for a business trip.
Google Street Maps - Business Travel Gadgets

Map it Out: Another very helpful tool for researching a given travel destination is Google Maps. In particular, the “Street View” within Google Maps can give you an idea of the surrounding area.  The view is not “live”, but you will get a very detailed look at the hotel’s neighborhood.

Online review websites like YELP can be extremely helpful as well.  Conducting a little advance research can help to complete your travel itinerary with 5-Star Restaurants and the evening’s entertainment.  But websites like Yelp can help with much more than restaurants, the well-known review site offers information on dentists, plumbers, auto repair centers, and much much more.

Top Travel Safety Tip Number 2 – Prepare with Travel Safety in Mind

It’s not unfair to say the safety starts at home and we mean long before you start packing for the business trip.  Business Travel Gadgets offers a complete Gadget Guide for safety-minded travel accessories, such as backpacks, briefcases, and home surveillance cameras.

Modern travel luggage can come equipped with safety features that include lockable zippers, hidden pockets, RFID blocking liners, reflective material for visibility and believe it or not, GPS tracking devices.  Take a look at our travel luggage guides for your specific requirements in a carryall or carry-on.

Top Travel Safety Tip Number 3 – Know your transportation Safety Measures

From a safety perspective, a business trip can be broken down into 2 stages, getting there and getting home, which we will call the transportation stage and the “stay” portion of your trip, which we will call the hotel stage. For the purposes of this tip, we will discuss some of the safety measures you will want to consider when using transportation.


Top Travel Safety Tip Number 4 – Know your Hotel Safety Measures


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