Finding The Right Travel Gadget

Let’s begin by defining why you are here. Oxford Dictionaries defines a gadget as “a small mechanical or electronic device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one.”, so we will work with that. Very few things, in my opinion, can be as stressful as business travel. Of course, we could include personal travel as well, but business travel adds the complexity of a business related goal that needs to be achieved. With that in mind, I will add “reduces stress” and “helps me achieve my business goals” to our definition for the business travel gadget.

The Business Travel Gadget should be small

This makes sense, having that we are traveling. There are entire aisles dedicated to travel items that were specifically created in miniature. Why should our travel gadget be any different? As we evaluate our products, BTG strongly considers the compact nature of a travel gadget. Our mission statement suggests that we will only recommend a product that eases the burdens associated with business travel. And transporting bulky or unwieldy objects is certainly a burden.

Ideally the travel gadget should be easy to carry and readily available when needed. For this reason, BTG puts an emphasis on what I will call “The Travel Gadget Ready” ensemble. I will dedicate an entire page to creating the perfect travel ensemble, so for now, let’s just understand that every gadget should have a place and every gadget should be in its place.

The Mechanical or Electronic Device

Now this is where you get my attention. I am a huge fan of the mechanical or electronic device. Where would we be today without our favorite mechanical or electronic device? Anyway, let’s continue. For the purposes of our definition, we will not limit ourselves to mechanics or electronics. But we cannot ignore the fact that this is an electronic world. It should be no surprise that you will find many, many electronic travel gadgets within the pages of BTG.

With that said, I would like to add one more word to our new definition… “functioning”. Nothing adds stress to an otherwise fantastic and successful business trip like a non-functioning electronic device. We are keenly aware of that at BTG and we consider the power longevity and availability of re-charge in every electronic product that we recommend.

The Ingenious Travel Gadget

This is a quality that I expect in every business travel gadget, don’t you? This speaks to the very essence of why Business Travel Gadgets was created.  Let’s face it, someone out there has thought of a better way and as successful business professionals we look to utilize their ingenuity for our own benefit.  The BTG staff spends a large portion of our day searching for the latest and greatest in business travel gadgets and we strive to be your number one authority in business travel planning and preparation.

One thing that I believe we can all agree on, is that technology has a way of out pacing us all.  We have much more important thing to do than try and keep up with the latest advancements and  that is certainly true when we are in the middle of preparing to travel for business.  BTG works diligently to  provide a quick and thorough review of the latest in travel gadget technology.  Our goal is to allow you to keep current with trends and still maintain focus on what is important, your business.

The Novel Travel Gadget

This is were the fun begins.  I’ll admit, I’m don’t mind showing off some of the more novel items in my arsenal.  What good are gadgets, if they don’t make people say “I need to get me one of those.”  That’s why we provide information on the latest in fun and creative business travel gadgets as well.   We recognize that these gadgets are not critical to your success, but they just may get you noticed by your peers.  And that is what these gadgets are all about, so have some fun and check out our Novel Gadgets section.

Our sincerest wish for a safe and successful trip

As you navigate our website we hope that you take full advantage of the many business travel planning tips and guides that we provide. We hope that you read the travel pitfall awareness guides that are available. And we hope that you are as prepared as any traveler can be when you leave on you journey.

With the right gadget you trip can go from good to great. Travel gadgets exist for just about any need, presentation gadgets, sleep gadgets, hidden compartment gadgets and even the ever popular travel potty gadget. What ever you need, the travel gadget you are looking for is within the pages of this website. And if the gadget exists that we don’t know about, we would love to hear about it.

Business travel gadgets are our life. It’s why we exist and we hope that you find that particular gadget that will make you the star of you next business trip. We look forward to you stay here with us and would appreciate if you let others know that we exist. We are here for you and your every business travel gadget need.

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