Best Travel Water Filters and Water Purifiers for 2020

If you are anything like me, you do not trust the water that comes out of a faucet.  I have gone to some extraordinary lengths to have clean water in my home for my family to drink, so why should it be any different when I am on the road?

Water Filtration versus Water Purification

Purified water - Business Travel GadgetsWho would have ever thought we would be so concerned about water?  I mean I seem to recall drinking out of the garden hose as a kid??  Well, times have changed and we are all a little more concerned about toxins that have been dumped into our environment; couple that with aging infrastructure and suddenly we can no longer trust the public water supply.  Just ask the poor folks in Flint, Michigan, right??

What might be in our water without us knowing?

Back prior to 2014 the city of Flint Michigan changed it’s public water source from the Detroit municipal system, which was supplied from the Great Lakes, to its own system supplied from the Flint River.  While doing so they failed to add corrosion inhibitors to the water and as a result, the pipes started to leach heavy metals into the water supply.

So let’s think about that for a second, at worst the water had heavy metals which could lead to health issues including high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, and reduced fertility; at best, the water had anti-corrosion chemicals added to it.  Additionally, chlorine is often added to drinking water to reduce the bacteria that might form in drinking water.

The list of intentionally added materials and potential unintended contaminates go on and on… The Natual Resource Defense Council has outlined many of the possible contaminates one might find in drinking water in their article “What’s in Your Drinking Water?” found here.

So what should we do to protect ourselves and our family?

First, understand how to determine which water supplies can be trusted and which water supplies cannot.  For example, is bottled water a trusted source of drinking water?  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say yes, you can trust bottled water, but do you understand the different types of bottled water and what is the difference between water filtration and water purification?

Spring Water and Purified Water


Product ImageProduct DescriptionProduct RatingPrice Rank
Grayl 24 oz Water Purifier for Global Travel

Business Travel Gadgets Number One Recommendation

4.5 out of 5 stars
JTTVO Filtered Water Bottle for Travel with 4 Stage Filter

Most thorough Travel Water Puifier

4.4 out of 5 stars
SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle with Free Tumblers

Best Travel Water Purifier for the Whole Family

4.4 out of 5 stars
Brita 36478 Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle
4.5 out of 5 stars
SteriPEN ULT-MP-EF SterPen Ultra UV Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier for International Travel

4 out of 5 Stars
CrazyCap Water Purifier with UV-C LED$$

GRAYL Geopress 24 oz Water Purifier for Global Travel

Business Travel Gadgets Number One Recommendation


JTTVO Filtered Water Bottle for Travel with 4 Stage Filter

If you are looking for a good filter bottle to go to the mountains, camp or travel, you have come to the right place. Finding drinking water is not always easy, depending on the country or type of activity.

People hate to buy drinking water in plastic bottles, which end up in the trash. Also, they have to be stowed somewhere in the small place and dragged along on a long hike. So a JTTVO Filtered Water Bottle works best in this scenario. Of course, people can continue to use it well for hiking.

The drinking bottle with a filter can be used as a normal drinking bottle, but it is only intended for use with water. The good thing is that the water can be filled from wells, lakes, streams, sometimes even cloudy pools or pipes.
While drinking, you pull the water through a “straw” that contains a filter and it does not let bacteria or protozoa pass through. So the water can be sucked and enjoyed with a clear conscience.

This bottle was developed to provide an easy way for people to access clean drinking water and to stay healthy. People use this bottle mainly for camping or hiking. Sometimes people keep the filter bottles at home to have clean drinking water for the family in “emergencies”.

People especially like the bottles with filters when they are on vacation. In most countries, drinking water quality is not compatible with our pampered stomachs. And even if they are traveling in a motorhome because everyone does not wants to install a large water filter system right away.

With a filter drinking bottle, you can draw water from anywhere and drink without hesitation. This product comes with uncomplicated features and at an affordable price. If you were to buy bottled water for the whole holiday for fear of diarrhea, you might even end up spending more money.

Special Features of JTTVO Filtered Water Bottle
• It Comes with FOUR-Stage Filter for best quality water
• Superior water filtration technology up to 0.01 micron ensures the best quality
• Moreover, the carbon filter reduces odors and improves taste
• One of the great features is that it requires no battery.
• The replaceable filters in the bottle can filter up to 1500 liters of water
• It can be used for more than six months from purchase
• It may also be used even in an emergency at home.
• The bottle solves all drinking problems and saves your money.

It comes with a FIVE-YEAR guarantee and your amount can be refunded at any stage. It is a great partner for Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking, Etc. It is a high-quality bottle for everyone who is looking for the highest level of the filter function. It uses a special technology that filters bacteria, parasites, protozoa and viruses out of water sources in question. It could be the best option for hikers who are out for days or weeks. You can drink straight from the bottle or pour the water into separate bottles.

IMPORTANT TIP: At first use a slight plastic odor is normal; it will disappear after a few uses.

SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle with Free Tumblers

Best Travel Water Purifier for the Whole Family

Drinking pure and clean water is important while traveling, hiking or camping. But how do you know that water is safe?

Sometimes there can be animal droppings or even dead animals in the streams without you knowing about them. People should prefer to be on the safe side and take some extra precautions. If you are planning a trekking or camping trip we should filter or clean the water even if it appears clean.

In many countries, even if you travel with a backpack, you cannot trust that the running water is clean. Drinking tap water can infect you with parasites, viruses, bacteria, and other organisms. Dirty water can also contain heavy metals, excessive minerals, and chemicals that are better avoided.

But no need to worry as SurviMate filtered water bottle solves your every problem.

• With four filters it can clean up to 0.01 micron to ensure the best purification
• The capacity of Bottle 650 milliliters which is enough while traveling
• It can filter Up to 1500 liters in lifespan (depending upon the quality of water)
• It has flawless Material: BPA Free Tritan, PP, PE, ABS, etc
• It has a Shelf time of 5 years

Save money
You may think it is expensive, but in the end, it will pay off because you can reuse them often. If you are at a tourist destination and pay 2 or 3 Euros for each bottle of water, you will end up spending a lot more.

Stay healthy
With this bottle, you can drink clean water anywhere and avoid getting sick. That is the goal, right? You also always have water on hand. This is very important while hiking because the body loses a lot of water. You should drink regularly to prevent dehydration.
If you are backpacking, you can sweat a lot depending on your travel destination. Traveling in tropical countries or the Middle East with a backpack can be quite difficult. Drink lots of water and stay healthy!

Avoid altitude sickness
When you move in high areas, your body has to acclimatize more and more. There are a few steps you should take to avoid altitude sickness, and drinking plenty of water is one of them. With a SurviMate filtered water bottle, you can easily fetch water and supply your body with sufficient fluid.

Be ecological
We have to deal responsibly and respectfully with our planet. There are some things that we cannot change, but let’s focus on those that we can change. If you buy a normal bottle of water, you contribute to the production of more and more plastic, which unfortunately often ends up in streets, rivers, and oceans. You can protect our earth by reusing the same bottle.

IMPORTANT TIP: At first use, a slight plastic odor may be felt; it’s normal; it will disappear after a few uses.

SteriPEN ULT-MP-EF Ultra UV Water Purifier

What in the world is a Steripen Water Purifier?

If you are like most people, you may not have run across one of these unique looking devices.  This is an ultra-violet light water purifier.

As we have learned in the introduction to this review page, there are many advantages to drinking purified water as compared to ordinary water.  And the SteriPEN is simple to operate and can be used by people of any age group.

Now you can ensure having safe and pure drinking water for your children, family athlete and most importantly while traveling to areas where you may be unsure of the water supply.

Low power consumption Environmentally friendly (no disinfection by-products)
No moving parts to wear out or replace UV does not change the taste or odor of the water
Lower equipment investment verses other disinfection options Simple maintenance (with proper pre-treatment).

The UV light water purifier is the cleanest way to get clean drinking water and will purify everything from tap water to rainwater. This handy unit eliminates the need to handle potentially dangerous water purifying chemicals, such as chlorine, and with a constant supply of purified water, you will drink more, which in turn benefits your health.

The SteriPen UV water purifier provides nearly instant results, and with purified water, the taste of drinks and home-prepared meals is also improved.

Purchasing and using the SteriPEN is cost-effective as well,  using the SteriPen UV water purifier saves a lot of money as compared to other water filtration options.

UV water purifier with integrated battery
The new version of the SteriPen has an internal lithium-ion battery and shows the successful treatment with a great display. The state of charge is also shown on the display.

Safe and Trustworthy
SteriPen Ultra is simple and proven and is used on a large scale in waterworks: the water to be treated is irradiated with UV light; This kills viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.

Best Features of SteriPen Water purifier
• UV light kills germs that can cause illness
• The SteriPEN kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa
• Battery Time: Approx 50 treatments per charge and 300 charge-discharge cycles;
• It can sterilize water up to 15,000 litters
• Plain OLED display shows everything like – treatment, lamp, and battery status; Etc.
• It is USB rechargeable from a PC, wall, or solar panel

Fast preparation and ease of use
The SteriPen is small, handy and easy to use, it can process one-half liter of water in approximately 48 seconds and one litter of water in approximately 90 seconds without any difficulties. In comparison, many chemicals take up to 2 hours.

Stirring the water or gently shaking the container is essential for proper functioning as this ensures that the water is evenly exposed to the germicidal UV light. The UV lamp manages about 8000 treatments.

STRONG BATTERY AND AFFORDABLE PRICE: The price is also reasonable, and you should not worry about the cost as it’s about your health, so hopefully the investment will pay off. Steripen should be the top dog when it comes to portable UV water sterilizers. People buy it because it is very light with weight and also does not need batteries, but has an integrated battery. It manages about 50 missions with a charging time of approx. 3 hours and can be charged via USB.

Fully charged battery can handle approximately 50 treatments and is quickly recharged at a socket (approx. 2-3 hours) or on a USB computer (approx. 3-5 hours). The Steripen fits all standard bottles. With its low weight and rechargeable battery, the Steripen Ultra water sanitizer has good conditions to be used for water treatment on tour.

Important Tip#1: Don’t re-sterilize your water bottle every time
Important Tip#2: SteriPen does not require a very high-output wall unit.

CrazyCap Water Purifier with UV-C LED

Are you used to using a reusable bottle for drinking purposes? While using a reusable bottle serves a great purpose for the entire environment, it gets a little challenging when you are required to clean the insides of the bottle. Most people owning a reusable water bottle tend to be confused about how to clean the insides of the bottle. To resolve this issue, CrazyCap –a revolutionary brand for designing portable water purifiers, brings forth the innovative concept of water purifier caps featuring the advanced UV-C LED water purifying technology for improved results.

The revolutionary water purifying mechanism by CrazyCap has been designed for continuously killing microbes present in water. This is achieved by replacing the existing cap of your bottle with the one by CrazyCap that is capable of purifying water inside the bottle through its cutting-edge water purifying technology. The best part about this water purifying cap is that it can be used for cleaning water on the go.

How Does CrazyCap Water Purifying Cap Work?

The innovative water-filtering mechanism with the help of a portable cap has been designed by a Miami-based startup named “Microlyscs.” The CrazyCap water bottle cap is known to fit most of the standard water bottles –featuring 9, 12, or 17-oz water bottles that are cola-styled.

As a user, when you wish to check whether or not the given sample of water in the bottle contains microbes or other contaminants, you can simply turn on the revolutionary UVC-emitting LED light of the cap. This is achieved easily by tapping the sensory touch present on top of the cap twice. In typical cases, when you are sourcing water from untrusted sources, including rivers or lakes, then you are recommended to tap the sensory touch portion for around 5 times. This allows the UVC LED light to stay for longer in operation while killing all the germs possibly present in the given water sample.

Continuous exposure to UVC LED light through CrazyCap helps in killing around 99.9999 percent of viruses, bacteria, molds, or even algae that might be present in the bottle’s water.

Salient Features of CrazyCap Water Purifying Bottle Cap

  • Features the advanced Ultraviolet water purification system
  • Helps in eliminating around 99.9999 percent of bacteria & germs as contaminants in the water sample
  • Highly portable –allows you to carry along your bottle anywhere while getting access to clean drinking water on the go
  • Helps in sterilizing multiple surfaces

In addition to its specialized features, the CrazyCap water bottle cap is known for its property of continuously killing germs & bacteria wherever you go. The LED light automatically comes on through the entire span of the day –once every 2 hours for a period of 20 seconds. As such, this allows killing any type of microbe present in the water –even those that might have been introduced as you drink water. As per the manufacturers of the cap, a single charge of the battery of the device can help in treating around 45 liters or tap water & around 18 liters of lake or river water.

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