Best Travel Clothes Steamers – 2020

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This might be one of the more important articles you will read this year.  If you have ever been on the road and desperate for a wrinkle-free shirt or blouse then this article is for you.  In the paragraphs below, we will try to make sense of the ever-increasing selection of the best portable travel clothes steamers. 

The steamer emerged on the market as an alternative to the traditional handheld iron.  The portable devices gained popularity because of the reduced risk of damaging expensive dress clothing.  And within the world of Business Travel Gadgets, the promise of germ-free, hygienic fabrics made the steamer a “hot” gift (pun intended). 

Travel clothes steamers will have many of the same features that other travel accessories might have, such as portability and ease of use.  The clothes steamer is also popular with the traveler because of the hygienic power of steam.  Clothes steamers are now used to kill germs and bacteria and even helps to eliminate odors from your clothes.  In some cases, travelers have used portable steamers to ensure that hotel bedding is free from contaminants.

The PurSteam Garment Steamer pictured to the left is new for 2020 and boasts a new InfaTherm Heating System which provides “ready to use” steam in just 25 seconds and gives a full 10 minutes of continuous steaming power.

Let’s take a look at the PurSteam unit and discuss the many features a travel steamer may offer: 

Overall Design – The first feature that Business Travel Gadgets will always possess is a compact design.  We all know that most hotels will have an iron available in each room.  So if the steamer is going to be part of our travel packing checklist, then it’s going to need to be easy to pack.

Additionally, spare parts and accessories will need to be stored and readily available when needed, so they should all have a place for safekeeping.  Portable clothes steamers should be ergonomically designed for stress-free steaming and they should also be easy to fill, with little to no spilling.

Power and Heating Speed – A travel steamer’s power is typically measured in watts. And you will find that the most common complaint regarding travel steamer is a “lack of power” or “takes too long to heat up”.  Unless there is another significant feature most steamers recommended by Business Travel Gadgets, will be in the 700 watt to 1500 watt range, although you might often sacrifice compact size for additional power.

The “power” that the travel clothes steamer possesses will assist with two very important features, the first is “heat-up” speed and the other is steam pressure.  Both of these components of a good travel steamer will enhance the user experience and give you better results.  More wattage generally will mean better performance.

Lastly, with respect to power and heat, you will want to take notice of “continuous steaming ” time.  This is the amount of time you can continuously use your travel steamer before you need to refill.  Of course, this has less to do with the power and more to do with the size of the water tank, so be aware of that as a consideration.

Accessories – Many travel clothes steamers boast a variety of uses or features and the best way for these devices to gain versatility is through the use of accessories.   Some common attachments you might find with travel steamers include lint brushes, creasers, fabric brushes and steam bonnets for delicate fabrics.

Brushes can be used with a travel steamer to help “massage” the fabric.  Clothes and other garments are woven, so gently brushing the material allows the steam to penetrate the fabric more deeply and makes the steamer more effective.


Steaming Angle and Spill Prevention – As with most handheld devices, we will tend to use them in all directions and at just about any angle.  Therefore one of the key features you will want to consider is steaming angle and spill prevention from your travel steamer.  If you need flexibility regarding the steaming angle or your travel steamer, be sure to understand it’s capability.

Best Travel Clothes Steamers for 2019

Product NameVoltage TypeRatingPrice Rank
Dcenta 2 IN 1 Horizontal and Vertical Ironing Steamer

Best Portable Clothes Steamer per Business Travel Gadgets

4.8 out of 5 stars
Beautural 1200-Watt Steamer

Best Travel Steamer per the "Fashion Experts"

4.5 out of 5 Stars
Polardo Handheld Iron Steamer for Clothes Garment

Best Copact Design for a Travel Clothes Steamer

4.6 out of 5 Stars
iStream Luxury Edition Clothes Steamer

Best Travel Clothes Steamer for Multi-Function Use

4.2 out of 5 Stars
Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer

Most Power from a Compact Travel Clothes Steamer

4.2 out of 5 Stars
Reliable Dash 100GH Steamer

Best Travel Clothes Steamer for Total Steam Control

3.9 out of 5 Stars
Rowenta Xcel Travel Garment Steamer
3.7 out of 5 Stars
Vedoary Portable Steamer for Clothes
5 out of 5 stars
Magictec Portable Travel Garment Steamer
4.8 out of 5 stars
BiZond Mini Steamer for Clothes
4.4 out of 5 Stars

Dcenta 4 IN 1 Horizontal and Vertical Ironing Steamer

Best Overall Travel Clothes Steamer per Business Travel Gadgets

We will be the first to admit that the fact that this travel clothes steamer retained the traditional shape of a standard iron, may have contributed to our love of the unit.

However, the Dcenta brings much more to the table then a welcome familiarity.  First, let’s discuss the 4 in 1 technology that the Dcenta offers.  This travel clothes steamer supports different modes for different ironing needs, including both dry and steam ironing, flat surface ironing, and ironing while hanging.

The Dcenta steamer outperforms the standard iron because the powerful steam reduces ironing time and decreases muscle strain.  Additionally, this travel steamer will not damage clothing due to excessive steam temperature or iron temp.

Best Features of the Dcenta 4 IN 1 Horizontal and Vertical Ironing Steamer

  • 360°operation allows for wrinkles-free ironing without an ironing board.
  • Superfast heat-up time and 20 minutes worth of continuous steaming power.
  • A full 1300W of power means more steam and fewer wrinkles.
  • The advanced ceramic soleplate and thermostatic technology keep clothes safe.
  • The anti-calcium system keeps the unit clean and allows you to use any water source.

As mentioned in the bullet points above, the Dcenta uses a ceramic soleplate which helps to evenly disperse the heat so there a no “hot spots” on the baseplate that will burn your delicates.  Additionally, this unit employees thermostatic technology which provides balanced heat and also protects your clothing from overheating damage.

When we reviewed the customer reviews to the Dcenta clothes steamer we could not help but be impressed.  With comments like “worth the money” and “meet all of my needs”, the 93% of reviewers that gave this steamer 5-stars certainly feel satisfied that they spent their money well.

Business Travel Gadgets

BEAUTURAL Steamer with Pump Steam Technology

Best Portable Clothes Steamer per “Fashion Experts”

Fashion Pagent Moms and TV Wardrobe professionals alike have this portable steamer and have rated the Beautural Steamer at 5-Stars.   

This incredible unit will instantly freshen your clothes and remove wrinkles with its 1200 watts of power. Overall the Beautural Steamer received a whopping 74% of reviews at 5 stars and with nearly 5,000 people reviewing this product at the time of this posting, that’s a lot of happy customers.

This unit is 100% safe to use on clothes that are laid flat, just like a conventional iron.  The Beautural Steamer also has 8-minute inactivity shut off and overheating sensor. This steamer boasts a 260 ml High Capacity water tank for extended use at home or while traveling.

Here’s what else you get with this unit – The Beautural Handheld Clothes Steamer comes with a fabric brush, a lint brush, a creaser, a measuring cup, and the instruction manual.

Best Features of the BEAUTURAL Steamer with Pump Steam Technology

  • 90-day Full Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • 24-month Replacement Warranty and Friendly Customer Service
  • Large 8.79-ounce water reservoir for extended steaming time
  • Steam lock button for larger items, saving stress on the trigger finger.
  • Lightweight at just over 2 pounds relieving the pressure on the forearm.

In addition to removing wrinkles, the Beautural steamer tackles tough odors, kills bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs. This unit is suitable for clothes, curtains, bedding, blankets, cushions, plush toys, sofas, and other fabric furniture.

The fast and easy Beautural Clothes Steamer takes very little practice to become a wrinkle destroyer and when you read the reviews for this product, you will quickly learn that “fashion experts” use this device and have given the product 5-star ratings.

The Beautural Steamer will not “spit” water like some other lesser-powered units and this unit will operate at a 90-degree angle with ease. Join the 1000’s of people who have enjoyed the solid operation of this product. Click below to get the latest pricing.

Polardo Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Best Compact Design for a Travel Clothes Steamer

Ever heard of “Good thing coming in small packages?” Well, the Polardo Travel Steamer is a “pocket-sized” gem (slight exaggeration) at a pocket-friendly price.

It is the latest design in a market full of new designs.  The Polardo is built with the latest technology, put simply, this steamer is a masterpiece of compact design.

The Polardo Steamer is built to fit into just about any small space but has a large visible water tank that clearly gives you the ability to see the level.  And don’t let the size fool you because the Polardo has lots of power.

This unit takes ironing of clothes into another level, the horizontal steaming capability allows for operation on any surface. Whether you are in the office, at home or traveling you can steam your clothes or any other fabrics comfortably and easily.

You can do it in your car or at the back of your office. With our Bizond Steamer for Travel and Home, there is no fabric that is hard for us. May it be cotton, wool, Jeans, Nylon, Linen or polythene be sure that our Steamer will remove the wrinkles for you. It comes with a long cable – convenient for use in steaming fabrics all over the house.

As mentioned before, the Polardo Steamer comes equipped with the latest technology. In as little as 25s hot steam is evident and ready for steaming and when the steamer is left idle for 5 minutes it switches itself off. The Polardo is built with the anti-spill technology so you can use it at any angle without fear of spillage.

 installed a NANO water filter. This filter helps in the filtration of water preventing objects and hard minerals from entering the water tank, this is to make sure that there is no blockage. It has also been designed with a hard-soft cover over it which helps in keeping the outside cool so the heat can not affect you. When you buy it comes along with a 3 years warranty and a practical bag to help you in carrying it.

Best Features of the Polardo Portable Travel Garment Steamer

  • Brilliant compact design offers functions along with portability.
  • Features an extended “ultra” long cord for added convenience.
  • Heats up to steam ready temperature in less than 25 seconds.
  • Installed with a NANO water filter for contaminant-free water supply.
  • Spill-proof technology allows for 360° usage without spillage.
  • Automatically shut down when the Polardo is idle.
  • The soft wrap technology keeps the “hot” on the inside.

How to use it:

  • Turn the reservoir clockwise until it loosens.
  • Remove the rubber stopper on the reservoir and fill it with cold water.
  • Close it with the rubber stopper.
  • Turn it on and check the indicator light.

Steaming TIP: Distilled water is the best for use in this device. Distilled water does not have minerals or object’s to block.

Steaming TIP: The device is built with its own power system, the use of adpters and convertors is not allowed.         

iSteam 2020 Luxury Edition

Best Travel Clothes Steamer for Multi-Function Use

This is the 8-in-1 Luxury iSteam Clothes Steamer. This versatile unit can be used by anyone in your home for many household tasks such as steaming, sanitizing, cleaning, treating, and refreshing any type of fabric. Simply attach the BONUS GIFT BRUSH to rid your winter clothes, delicates, or lace of dust and wrinkles. Get wrinkle-busting results with this handy compact unit!

READ THIS CAREFULLY: Your average clothes steamers might tend to spurt or leak water, this can stain and even ruin your garments! This will not happen with the 2020 Luxury Edition from iSteam. This unit features an Electronic Pump System that stops water from spitting and spilling! Iron from any angle – the advanced design even allows steaming upside down!

Best Features of the iSteam 2020 Luxury Edition

  • Steam Clean Furniture – Remove dirt from furniture and carpets!
  • 360° portability provides a dry steaming process no matter the angle you use it.
  • Super Lightweight at just 1.2 pounds.
  • Sanitize Anything – Countertops or other and surfaces!
  • Treat and Refresh Linens – There’s nothing like a spritz of steam!

This travel clothes steamer from iSteam is supported by a 3-year Manufacturers’s Warranty and a customer care team that is always ready to solve any issues you may have with the unit. iSteam makes it easy to get the steamy, spill-proof results you deserve, completely risk-free!

We fell in love with the iSTEAM 8 in 1 Multi-Use clothes steamer and we believe that you will also.  We believe that the iSteam travel steamer is the perfect travel steamer, 100% portable and easy to pack or store.  The iSteam is authorized by the TSA for carry-on luggage and measures a compact 8.5″ x 3.55″.

Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer

We added this handy little unit on our Travel Steamer Page as quickly as we could.  Unbelievable 1500 Watts of power.  We are working feverishly to keep up with the wave of travel steamers hitting the market. 

But this unit is made by Conair a trusted name in handheld appliances.  This steamer features silicone plates for easy movement over your fabrics and includes two heat settings, just in case 1500 watts are too much for your dedicates.

We will admit that the wide steaming area has us impressed with this unit.  Our testers have found that garments can be steamed much quicker with this steamer.  We will continue to evaluate the Conair, but as mentioned we like the express nature of the product. 

Conair offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty with this steamer.

Best Features of the Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer

  • One Year Manufacturers Warranty 
  • Remove Wrinkles/Clean/Sterilize/Sanitize/Refresh/Treat/Defrosts
  • Unit Weight (Bare): 2.2 lbs., Water Tank Capacity: 7.3oz.
  • Designed to deliver steam more powerfully and more evenly.

Conair has been a trusted name in household appliances since 1959 and is the manufacturer of such top brands as Waring and Cuisinart.  

Reliable Dash 100GH Hand-Held Garment Steamer

Best Travel Clothes Steamer for Total Steam Control

This up and coming company has created a very handy little portable unit.  The Reliable Clothes Steamer is showing up on many Top 10 lists.  This unit features a 360-degree swiveling power cord to keep you steaming without tangles.

This model heats up in no time because it provides an above-average 1200 watts of steaming power. The stainless steel soleplate makes the Reliable Travel Steamer one of the more hygienic units on the market.  

This clothes steamer is suitable for all types of fabrics, textiles, and bedding.  This unit provides a smooth ironing experience with little to no effort.  Easily get rid of the worst creases on all of your clothing and bed sheets with a simple steam breeze.

This travel clothes steamer includes a visual water level meter on its removable water tank and is extremely lightweight making it the perfect travel companion, small enough to fit in any carry-on bag.

  • Kills mites and sterilizes baby blankets and stuffed toys
  • Remove Wrinkles/Clean/Sterilize/Sanitize/Refresh/Treat/Defrost
  • Product Dimension: 8.7 x 6.4 x 3.9 inches
  • Designed to deliver steam more powerfully and more evenly


Rowenta Xcel Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Best Travel Clothes Steamer for International Travel

Traveling with a glamorous look has been made easier or should we say ironing has been simplified. With our new Manvis Travel Steamer for clothes handheld, there is no reason why you should walk around in wrinkled clothes.

Whether you are a long-distance driver, housewife, a tourist, always on business trips, holidays or any other person that is always on the move, we have a solution for you. Manvis Travel Steamer for clothes is a potable handheld electric appliance.

It is designed to fit in your hand and sports a compact design that easily fits in your bag or purse, letting you move with it anywhere. When we say handheld we mean that it has a protective cover over it, which protects you from any exposure with the heat. It is also designed in that you can use it horizontally or vertically, making it convenient to use it any position or on anything ( chairs, bedsheets, suits).

Build with the latest technology Manvis Travel steamer, takes only 25s to heat up and steam your clothes, so no matter which hurries you are in we have got you settled. No stains, for with our steamer do not expect any leaks, we have used an anti spilling technology which allows you to rotate the gadget 360° without spillage. Portability is our second name, you only need 120ml of water in the water tank for this powerful steamer to remove wrinkles off your fabrics.

Still, in portability, this Manvis Travel Steamer comes with a long cable, to help you in accessing any space or position as you iron. It is pocket-friendly for it only requires 110v and it is a 900 w appliance that can steam up to 10 min continuously. Do not worry about fabrics, for with our manvis travel steamer you can iron silk, cotton, nylon, linen, and many more fabrics. Still due to the portability and long cable you can iron anything in your house.

The reasons why I recommend our Manvis Travel steamer is:
* it only takes 25s to heat up and start steaming.
* Can fit confortably in your hands
* it has less weight making it easy to carry
* it continuesly steams for 10 minutes
The gadget also comes with:
* carrying bag, to help you in moving and storage of the gadget.
* Measuring cup, this helps in accuracy when pouring water into the gadget.
* Folding clothes hanger, it is all about clothes soo even when you travel we want your clothes to be well folded as ironed.
It is not a complicated to use gadget, for you only:
* Turn the reservoir clock wise till it loosen.
* Remove the sealing rubber stopper and fill in with cold water, then seal it back.
* Turn the off/ on switch to the on position and wait for 20s for the heatup.
TIP# When the steamer is on and there is no steam coming out, the gadget may have been blocked by minerals found in water. It is advisable to use distilled water.
TIP# Warning Do not convert with adapters or any converters.

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