Best Travel Backpack for Business – 2020

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It is hard to ignore that travel backpacks have come a long way in recent years. The travel accessory that was once dedicated to scaling a mountain, has now become a business travel necessity.  The modern backpack offers a variety of business travel conveniences along with travel security and electronics that are built right into the design.

As we explore the Best Business Travel Backpacks of the year 2020. We would also like to offer our sincere wish that everyone stay healthy and happy during one of the more challenging times in history.  We would also like to suggest that you visit our Travel Sanitizing Tips, Tools and Suggestions page.

In the following article, we will look at the features that the 2020 laptop backpacks offer and evaluate everything from comfortability to color selection.  BTG will carefully evaluate each of our recommendations and provide you with the best possible information for making your purchasing decision.

The Modern Business Travel Backpack – The 2020 backpacks have made the transition from standard laptop bag to a carry-on essential, and from there, to an all-in-one business travel tool. These new decade backpacks include features such as built-in speakers, hidden compartments, charging cables and cup holders. Features that accommodate business travel are common with these newer models and getting through airport security has not been overlooked either. The business travel backpacks for 2020 are smart, stylish and lightweight, making them a Business Travel Gadgets must-have accessory.


Business Travel Gadgets: Top Recommendation


As we mentioned, travel backpacks have become a practical choice for smart business travelers. In order to make that happen, today’s backpack needed to become an organizer as well as a piece of luggage. Most of the top-selling packs have every conceivable pocket and pouch to carry everything from electronics to travel documents.

Let’s take a look at BTG’s Top Featured Backpack and point out some of the newly designed conveniences that the latest packs offer.The SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack in Black is perfect for any business traveler.

This sleek-looking backpack comes in 9 different color combinations and features an ergonomically designed molded grab handle as an alternative to the shoulder straps.

The SwissGear 1900 is built to protect your valuable business tools with a heavily padded back panel and padded laptop compartment.One recent buyer of this backpack commented “I am in love with this backpack and it just arrived today” and another stated that the SwissGear 1900 is “Perfect for a professional on the go!“.

The SwissGear 1900 is just one of the many backpack models that SwissGear manufactures, the company has been around for decades and is well established in the travel accessory industry.

What are some Key Features in the 2020 Back Packs?

Looks and Style – Let’s get this out on the table right away.  When you are looking to purchase a backpack for business use, you do not want to look like you are headed for a 15-mile hike.  Business backpacks should look like a business accessory and if they can add a little style to your daily commute, then why not?

The full range of BTG recommended laptop backpacks have been specifically designed for business use and as such will largely be your standard black or gray with smooth lines and durable construction.

The real change for 2020 and beyond is the selection.  Our top recommendation, the Swiss Gear Scansmart 1900, comes in 7 different varieties.  So we are guessing that there is a backpack out there to fit your own personal style.

Access to Contents – A top consideration when purchasing a business backpack is the ease of access to your belongings.  No one wants to be aimlessly fumbling through their bag to find business cards.  Of course, there will be trade-offs between a backpack many smaller compartments or just a few larger compartments, the choice is yours and BTG will guide you as best we can.

The Origo TSA-Friendly 411087 Laptop Backpack is a perfect example of ready access at its finest.  Not pictured but equally as functional is the OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack which has an internal organization minded front pocket for complete access to your most needed items.

Today, the potential exists for an average business traveler to be carrying a laptop, a tablet, a cellphone, a smartwatch, and an MP3 player.  With that type of electronic gear on the move, you will want a bag that can handle the challenge.  Fortunately for you, those backpacks exist and we will show you where to get them.

Organization – “Everything has a place and everything is in its place.”  The organizational features built into today’s backpack will remove stress from your business travel.  That is just the simple, plain truth.  No need to scramble for your travel documents when needed and no risk of leaving your $15 travel mug behind at the airport.  The backpack has a solution for those problems and many other travel nightmares.

Business Travel Gadgets read over 600 business travel backpack reviews searching for the most desired feature by backpack users and organization was number one.  We heard from paralegals and graduate students, general contractors, and pharmaceutical salespeople, the overwhelming majority looked for the organizational aspects of their new business travel backpack.

Comfort – Next time you are in an airport, take note of the backpack users. One thing you will notice is that they seem to move more freely when not dragging a rolling piece of luggage. Having your carry-on firmly strapped between your shoulders will give you an increased sense of mobility when traveling.

Just think about it, freedom of mobility is not new to the backpack. They were originally designed for military use and later adapted for hiking and camping.  Before too long students found that the backpack made their life easier and now the business traveler has come to realize it too.

A couple of things to look for regarding comfort; padded shoulder straps are a must-have, backrest padding is a major plus and breathable material aids in airflow to reduce heat build-up when walking long distances.

Waterproof and rugged construction –  We are all familiar with the hard shell rolling carry-on and we must admit, it remains the standard piece of luggage for the business travel world. But if you have started to look in the direction of a laptop backpack, sturdy construction and waterproof material are key concerns.

Safety and Security – BTG is all about safety when traveling.  It’s for this reason that we weigh the safety and security features of a travel backpack heavily when evaluating a product.  Our first mini-review below, as an example, features the Nomatic 20L backpack which includes an RFID blocking pocket and reflective ink on it’s exterior to make you more visible at night.

Best Business Travel Backpacks for 2019

Product ImageProduct NameCustomer RatingPrice Rank
NOMATIC Anti-Theft 20L Backpack- Slim in Black

Best Overall Business Travel Backpack per Business Travel Gadgets

Business Travel Gadgets - 4 Stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
SwissDigital TSA-Ready Business Travel Backpack for Men

Best Travel Backpack for Safety and Security

4.5 out of 5 stars
CLUCI Genuine Leather Backpack for Men

Best Travel Backpack for Simplistic Style and High Tech Function

4.4 out of 5 stars
Samsonite Xenon 2 Backpack PFT Case Black

Best Quality in a Business Travel Backpack

Business Travel Gadgets - 4 Stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Matein Travel Laptop Backpack with Anti Theft and USB Charging

Best Business Travel Backpack for Color Selection and Style

4.7 out of 5 stars
Volher Business Travel Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack

Best Business Travel Backpack for Anti-Theft Functionality

4.6 out of 5 stars
Everki EKP121-1 Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack

Best Checkpoint Friendly Business Travel Backpack

4.6 out of 5 stars
Another Fantastic Matein Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Best Value for your Money Business Travel Backpack

4.6 out of 5 stars
BRINCH Laptop Water Resistant Backpack

Best Business Travel Backpack for Storage Capacity

5 out of 5 stars
ECOSUSI Vintage Leather Laptop Backpack

Best Look in a Business Travel Backpack for Women

4.3 out of 5 stars

Nomatic 20L Business Travel Backpack

Best Overall Business Travel Backpack per Business Travel Gadgets

We decided to start with this versatile pack made by Nomatic.  With one look you can tell that a large amount of engineering thought went into the design of this bag.  The durable construction of the Nomatic 20L Travel Backpack makes this unit suitable for everyday use and the convenient cord pass-throughs allow the traveler to use electronics while they are safely secured inside the pack.

Business Travel Gadgets uses a large number of variables to determine what makes an awesome business travel accessory, but with respect to backpacks, we look for a product that will get everything you need to your destination safely and soundly and provides comfort and convenience along the way.

We make sure all of that is included in a quality made business travel backpack and then we have a product that will meet your travel needs.  Based on those factors, we believe this is your best choice for a travel backpack.

Best Features of the Nomatic 20L Business Travel Backpack

  • Slim design with expandable sides to fit everything you need.
  • Room enough for 2 water bottles in the magnetic water bottle pockets
  • Sunglasses hardshell case included
  • Easy customization with the removable panels
  • Stay organized for longer business trips

There are cheaper models of travel backpack, you can be certain of that, but the Nomatic 20L will be your go-to travel carry-on for a very long time.  This unit features a roller bag sleeve that allows for worry-free transport of the backpack through even the toughest of terrines.

Curbs, steps, and elevators are no match for the perfectly engineered combination of this bag and your favorite roller luggage. As mentioned above the Nomatic features cord pass-throughs that enable easy access to your business travel electrons while they remain safely tucked inside the unit.

Listen to your favorite tunes or charge from your secured power bank and never lose anything.  The designers at Nomatic were on top of their game with this unit.

The SwissGear Laptop Travel Backpack

Best Travel Backpack for Safety and Security

We featured a SwissGear bag at the top of this review and that tells you all you need to know about this manufacturer.  You will be hard-pressed to find a better line of travel backpacks for the price.  SwissGear lives and breathes travel accessories and their ingenuity shows in every one of the units they produce.  The ergonomic design of these travel bags makes uncomfortable transport of your luggage a thing of the past.

Just take a look at this unit and you can immediately see the flexible but sturdy construction is perfect for the fast-moving professional. This SwissGear Laptop Travel Backpack is constructed of rugged and durable 1680D Ballistic polyester and features a 210D print quality lining, the unit also features a reinforced body and bottom, so your possessions are protected.

Best Features of the SwissGear Business Travel Backpack

  • TSA friendly design, allowing for full exposure during security checks.
  • RFID resistant data pocket keeps your information safe.
  • 15 individual pockets for large-capacity storage and organization.
  • Made from completely water-proof material for max protection.
  • 18.7″ x 12″ x 7″, perfect size to be used as a travel carry-on.
  • Designed with business in mind and lightweight as well.

I love this bag and the way it looks.” This was the comment left by one Amazon shopper who purchased this unit and “I cannot say enough about how much I like this backpack!” was yet another endorsement of the SwissGear Travel Backpack.

The ingenious “Air Flow” design of this backpack makes for easy loading and unloading, there is no need to cram any of your belongings into this backpack because the air simply moves out through the vents. If you are a traveling business person on having one on your Christmas shopping list, this is the travel backpack for you.

CLUCI Genuine Leather Backpack – Black

Best Travel Backpack for Simplistic Style and High Tech Function

We just fell in love with this backpack when we first laid eyes on its Genuine Leather design.  This CLUCI bag has style just oozing out of every pocket.  And rest assured that durability was not left out of the design with this one; everything from the padded layers to the thick reinforced handle makes the CLUCI backpack built to last.

Just because this backpack looks like a formal accessory, don’t think for one minute that it won’t meet your needs.  This backpack has 1 padded laptop pocket, 2 zippered pockets, 6 credit card holders, 1 large rear compartment a zippered pocket and 2 slot pockets.

Don’t fret for a minute because CLUCI stands behind their workmanship if you are not completely satisfied they will fix the problem.  Here are some more awesome feature included with this backpack:

Best Features of the CLUCI Business Travel Backpack

  • Dimensions: 11.42(L) x 5.91(W) x 14.57(H) inches.
  • External double zippers allow you to easily access your things.
  • This backpack holds all of your daily items so you can easily keep them well organized.
  • Padded shoulder straps, air flow system keep clothing fresh and laptop safe.
  • Ultra fashionable looks, perfect for business or daily travel.

If looking good is of any concern to you when you are traveling for business then you owe it to yourself to check out CLUCI’s line of product.  Fine fashion was clearly at the top of these designers’ minds.  Fashion and functionality meet and prosper in every single one of CLUCI’s business travel accessories.Business Travel Gadgets

Samsonite Xenon 2 Business Backpack

Best Quality in a Business Travel Backpack

We are sure that you have heard the name Samsonite and we’re sure that you know the quality that goes into Samsonite products.  The Xenon 2 Business Backpack is no exception.  The pack is exclusively designed for the business person in mind.  Features such as an adjustable laptop compartment that ensure your property remains protected is proof enough that they’ve thought of everything.Check the picture to the right and you will see that the Samsonite meets every business person’s expectations of style and comfort. The huge main compartment is suitable for a large amount of carry-on clothing or other necessities.This Samsonite Backpack accommodates up to a 15.6″ laptop comfortably and includes a secured laptop compartment for additional peace of mind while traveling.  Customers reviewing this backpack have described the unit as an “awesome backpack” with “Excellent comfort and durability” and “Best Backpack on the Market”.Best Features of the Samsonite Business Travel Backpack

  • Dimensions: 17.7 x 17 x 10.2 inches.
  • Front pouch organizer for easy access to your essentials.
  • Backpack holds all of your daily items so you can easily keep them well organized.
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps, heavily reinforced handle.
  • Cool flow material on the back panel keeps you comfortable while wearing.

Samsonite has a large line of business travel carry-on products which are “Checkpoint Friendly” and highly functional.  You can be a hero to your business traveling friends or family when you surprise them with one of these top-rated business backpacks or any other Samsonite travel accessory.

Volher Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptop Backpack

Best Business Travel Backpack for Anti-Theft Functionality

Organization is the main feature with this Business Travel Backpack from Volher.  You will not spend time looking for your valuable document or electronic equipment when purchasing this unit.

The Volher is equipped with an excessively comfortable hand strap in addition to the standard shoulder straps.  This amazingly priced travel backpack could easily make it to the top of our list while selling at a shockingly low price point.

The multi-panel airflow design of this unit makes the Volher breathable and comfortable to wear for that extended trip to the satellite parking area. This backpack accommodates up to a 17″ laptop, although Volher advises that laptops that may exceed 17″ are not recommended for use with this pack.

Best Features of the Volher Business Travel Backpack

  • Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 8 inches.
  • Charging port outside and built-in power pack cable inside.
  • Made of Water Resistant and Durable Polyester Fabric with metal zippers.
  • Separate Laptop Compartment which fits Up to a 17 Inch Laptop or Macbook.
  • Theft Proof Back Pocket convenient for Passport, Cellphone, Wallet or Cash.

This travel backpack has been listed on Amazon since August of 2018 and maintains a strong 4.6 stars with over 2,200 ratings and 78% of those who rated this unit gave it 5 Stars.  For a backpack that is priced under $25, you really can’t beat that.

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack with Anti-Theft Protection

Best Checkpoint Friendly Business Travel Backpack

If you are not yet familiar with the Matein line of travel backpacks, perhaps now is a good opportunity to review the variety of options this company provides its customers.

Matein offers the anti-theft unit shown and also offers a “Carry-on” Model, Business Model, Business Backpack Model and a Baseball Model for your traveling athlete.

This backpack is designed with a massive 45L of storage capacity and includes a separated laptop compartment that can be unzipped freely from 90 to 180 degrees making you get through airport security quickly without removing anything from the bag.

Best Features of the Martein Business Travel Backpack

  • Separate laptop compartment that fits up to a 17″ laptop 
  • Large main compartment for thin clothes, headset, books, magazine, camera, CD’s, etc
  • Front Compartment: For Phones, pen, keys, wallet, purse, glasses and other small items
  • Durable Elasticized Mesh Pockets on both sides, fit water bottle, umbrella, and other items
  • Theft Proof Back Pocket for PassportCellphone, Wallet, Earphones and more

This Matein unit also includes a convenient USB charging port with a built-in charging cable.  The unit also provides a hole for headphones, which gives easy access to your music while maintaining the security of your electronics.

And as always this Matein unit offers a sturdy rugged handle with steel cable on the top for carrying, Side compression straps tighten the big backpack at the size you need.

Business Travel Gadgets

Everki EKP121-1 Atlas TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack

Best Value for your Money Business Travel Backpack

This backpack is described as “The Perfect Travel Companion”. Everki crafted this incredible bag to be your ultimate business travel accessory.

The EKP121-1 is specifically designed for a thorough TSA checkpoint search, with a laptop compartment that opens 180 degrees for full contents viewing, while maintaining full protection of your valuable electronic equipment.

This Everki backpack includes a 5 point balance strap system that evenly distributes the weight of the pack across the wearer’s torso.  This well-designed system reduces the load on any one part of the body, dramatically reducing the possibility of muscle strain.  Additionally, the adjustable pillow oft straps give the user total control over positioning the weight of the bag and ensuring personalized comfort.

Best Features of the Everki TSA Friendly Travel Backpack

  • TSA friendly design, Laptop pocket open 180 degrees for full viewing.
  • High contrast lining makes it easy to detect unzipped pockets for safety.
  • Everki offers 3 varieties of travel backpack, 40L, 32L, and 29.5L.
  • Magazine / Newspaper slot to store your reading material for the flight.
  • External dimensions are 13.5″ x 9″ x 18.9″, Laptop compartment 11″ x 1.5″ x 16.5″
  • Trolley handle pass-through strap and 5 point balance strap system.

Over 530 Amazon customers have rated this travel backpack and 78% of the reviewers gave the EKP121-1 a 5-star rating. And 2 of the 1-star reviews stated “Nice Bag” and “The bag is durable”.  As always we recommend that our readers check product reviews and make an informed buying decision.Business Travel Gadgets

Matein Anti Theft Travel Backpack for Men or Women

You can get through airport security quickly with this TSA Friendly backpack from Matein.  The separate laptop compartment allows you to show the contents without removing anything from the bag, which greatly improves the security of your contents.

But this is more than just a TSA friendly backpack, Matein has designed this unit to keep your possessions safe and secure.  This moderately priced backpack features more than a few hidden security features, such as zipper hooks for the theft-proof pockets and a hidden zipper pocket designed for safeguarding your cash, wallet, passport or other valuables.

This is a large backpack measuring in at 19.5 x 15 x 10.5 inches and boasts over 20 independent organizer pockets to accommodate every possible value.  The unit is equipped with convenient pull-throughs for headphones or USB charging cords and helps to keep your electronics safe by storing them inside the bag while in use.

Best Features of the Matein Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

  • Anti-Theft design, Hidden pockets, lockable zipper pockets and reflective stripes for safety.
  • Huge main compartment, big enough to store clothing, books, travel supplies or toiletry bag.
  • Carries the Martein name, which means quality in the backpack industry.
  • Side pocket for carrying your favorite water bottle or external speaker.
  • External dimensions are 19.5″ x 15″ x 10.5″, Laptop compartment holds up to a 17″
  • Made of high quality water-resistant lightweight polyester fabric.

“Very Happy”, “Spacious, well-made, sturdy-looking”, and “Excellent Quality” are just a few of the comments made regarding this bag.   An astonishing 91% of the people who purchased this bag and left a review gave this Matein model 4 stars or better.Business Travel Gadgets

BRINCH Laptop Water Resistant Backpack

Best Business Travel Backpack for Storage Capacity

Every once in awhile, you just need a sturdy bag with a ton of space and the Brinch Backpack is just the ticket.The main compartment of the Brinch backpack boasts a full 22L of storage space, allowing you to carry several days of clothing, a full week’s worth of files and still have room for your 15″ laptop.The Brinch bag is not without organization though, it includes two inner pockets and several pen slots, along with an exterior zip pocket that provides storage for smaller items such as cards, keys, cellphone or power bank. Dual side pockets for water bottle or quick phone stash while going through TSA or using the charging port.

Best Features of the BRINCH Laptop Water Resistant Backpack

  • Wide-open design, Full 22L main compartment, exterior zipper pockets.
  • An external USB port with built-in charging cable for continual phone use while charging.
  • Carries the Martein name, which means quality in the backpack industry.
  • Side pocket for carrying your favorite water bottle or external speaker.
  • External dimensions are 19.5″ x 15″ x 10.5″, Laptop compartment holds up to a 17″
  • Made of high quality water-resistant lightweight polyester fabric.

Carry the Brinch as a backpack, a one-shoulder bag or a handbag with the adjustable padded wide shoulder strap which releases the pressure on back and shoulders. The top handle allows you to carry it on your elbow like a handbag and a heavy-knit luggage belt is quite convenient for you to fix the backpack on your rolling luggage. In short, Brinch travel backpack makes your journey more convenient wherever you go.Business Travel Gadgets

ECOSUSI Vintage Leather Laptop Backpack for Women

Best Look in a Business Travel Backpack for Women

Let’s be honest, sometimes you will just want to stand apart from the crowd and this Ecosusi Leather Laptop Backpack will separate you from your peers.

The classy style and assortment of colors make it easy to match the Ecosusi with your favorite business attire.

Should this featured bag not meet your exact needs then follow the link and check out any of the other models that Ecosusi offers.

One of the foremost makers of leather luggage also sells the following:

Best Features of the ECOSUSI Vintage Leather Laptop Backpack for Women

  • Room enough for 2 water bottles in the magnetic water bottle pockets
  • Sunglasses hardshell case included
  • Easy customization with the removable panels
  • Stay organized for longer business trips

“Feels like forever that I’ve been looking for a chic backpack that will actually fit my 15″ MacBook and I finally found one! I love the design, the material feels nice and sturdy.”  States one of the reviewers on Amazon regarding this bag.  Along with 74% of the other reviewers who offered this bag Amazon’s top 5-star rating.

Business Travel Gadgets

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