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A Website Specifically Built for the Business Traveller?

Welcome to Business Travel Gadgets, my name is Glenn and I am truly glad you are here. I am the founder of BTG, which I created specifically for the business traveller.

While traveling for business, I have lost passports and jackets and tickets and more. Fortunately, I have survived my organizational challenges, but have searched far and wide for any device, tool, gadget or advice that would help to relieve my stress inducing miscues. And as I’ve searched for ways to make my travel more successful and more relaxing, I’ve learned a great many things.

Before long, I realized that others might suffer from the same pre-trip anxiety that I experience.  Hence the reason for creating Business Travel Gadgets.  The purpose behind the website extends far beyond introducing you to the latest gadgets, it offers valuable tools, checklists, travel deals and a ton more.

Within the pages of BTG you will find many of the items that I use to organize my travel. You will also find many of the checklists and reminders that have helped me prepare more efficiently when leaving town. In addition, we will provide reviews for tools, devices, carry bags, clothing, make up cases and much, much more. All designed for the business traveler.

I hope that some of these tips and tricks, gizmos and gadgets can help you, too.

Once again, I’d like to welcome you to Business Travel Gadgets. Enjoy your stay.

Business Travel Gadgets Mission:

We aim to be the number one source for all of your travel needs. We will work as quickly as possible to bring more and more quality products and services to your attention. BTG pledges to evaluate and select premium level merchandise only. We value our reputation within the business travel community and work tirelessly to maintian your trust.

Should Business Travel Gadgets fail to meet your expectations in any way, we welcome the opportunity to make things right. Please let us know how we are doing and best of all let us know when we have helped you plan the best trip ever.

Make the most of today and make the most out of your business travel.

All the best, 

Glenn, BusinessTravelGadgets.com

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